Who are GP Digital?

We are Nyssan Deeb, Seren Deeb, Pierce Ivory, Kyma Deeb and sometimes an Intern, the last one was John. We are a family run business.  Nyssan, Seren and Pierce all came from a Graphic Reproduction & Lithographic background. Kyma comes from an IT background, but she knows all the Jargon by now.

What does the “GP” stand for?

Well in early 2004 Nyssan, Seren & Pierce were working in Graphoplan, the graphic reproduction business mentioned earlier.  This business and the service it provided were becoming obsolete…and so it moved into digital printing. Unfortunately it was a case of too little too late and sadly we closed doors….wait for it…there was another door waiting to be opened.

While we were packing up and shipping out, the phone rang again and again and again. We eventually answered! It was YOU, our customer looking to squeeze a few jobs through. Nyssan turned to Seren, Seren turned to Pierce and Pierce turned back to Nyssan. The rest is History, within days we realised it was worth another shot…but this time starting from scratch.

Gp Digital rose from the ashes of Graphoplan taking with it a ‘G’ and a ‘P’, oh and some Printing Equipment too. We had one existing (but not so great) digital press to start with…we bought a 2nd within 6 months.  Year after year we’ve  refreshed and added equipment, always following our Ethos of ‘What the customer wants, the customer gets’.

In 2011 we were super chuffed when we won the highest award in the print industry, ‘Print of the Year’. We might add… one of the youngest companies to achieve such an accolade. Today we divide our team into Sales, Production & Customer service.  We love helping our customers drive their brand and achieve awareness through Intelligent Print Solutions.