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Should I Use A Graphic Designer for My Brand?

This is a topic we hear of and visit quite regularly and at the same time have much experience of. We are asked quite often ‘Should we employ the services of a graphic designer?’ To put it bluntly the simple answer to this is always a resounding ‘why the hell […]

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What Does the Colour Of Your Brand Say About You?

Lets face it, we take colour for granted. Its everywhere. It has no borders. Its creator is physics, its reason is beauty, its result is powerful (in the most natural of senses). It is one of the major forces that drives our creativity. We as printers, graphic designers and […]

Photoshop – Delighting us for 25 Years

Its difficult to believe that 25 years have already passed since Photoshop graced our monitors for the very first time. Adobe Photoshop has become possibly one of the most iconic software programs of all time.  It has changed the way we view our world, literally. The world was first […]

Graphic Design – Why we love the Apple Mac

by Pierce Ivory
It was 30 years ago that Apple introduced the Macintosh. It’s promise was to bring the power of technology to our fingertips. 30 years later we take a look at how it lived up to that promise and how it transformed graphic design.
The graphic design and printing […]

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Printing Tips – making you look good.

We’re back! Due to popular demand we have returned with another Informative and Epic post highlighting some of the Golden Nuggets that will make your print better. We feel it’s our duty to inform the beautiful print buyers of our trade secrets. These secrets will make you look even […]

There’s Nothing Finer than a Graphic Designer (Print Tips Part 1)

Judging by the title of this post I don’t think its a secret how we feel about Graphic Design. We love it! Graphic Designers are no doubt the fuel that drive our ferocious print engines. They know design and most importantly, they know Print. Sometimes we come across ‘Graphic […]