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Business Cards Can Increase Your Sales By 3%

The humble Business Card has been used as a successful marketing tool since the early 17th century.

In today’s digital world, they still remain a great networking tool for your company. They certainly can pack a punch when it comes to hitting home your companies profile driving eyeballs from offline […]

Printing in Ireland – Women with ink on their hands.

by Women Who Print

Not so long ago the Print Industry was considered a male dominant profession. It was extremely difficult for a woman to break down the door at ‘The Oul Boy’s Club’.

Over the last decade the Print World has seen a large influx of well accomplished women take […]

The Printer Strikes Back – How loud is print?

by Pierce Ivory

Printing presses are still spitting out print all over the world at an incredible rate. The Print industry wobbled momentarily, picked itself up, dusted down and now it’s Striking Back.

Industry leaders recognised time for change was inevitable. We all know Print has changed it’s direction (don’t we?). […]

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Printing 2014 – What you can expect from Gp Digital Print

by Pierce Ivory
Hasn’t it been a long and crazy year in the world of printing. Many of you may want to forget 2013 ever happened.
In reality 2013 has probably given us all something to steady our focus for 2014. At Gp Digital Print in 2013 we began to see […]

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Digital Printing – Why You’ll Never Look Back.

Why Digital Rocks!
Digital Printing first appeared as a unknown entity way back in 1993. Traditional print companies shied away from this new disruptive game changing technology. Just like the Beatles, Computers and Mobile phones (and I mean the cavity block sized models) they thought it was just another fad […]

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Large Format Print – The Big Picture

At Gp Digital we are So Big on Print. The bigger the better, that’s what we say. If you’ve got something to say why not shout it out from the top of your voice, say it Large. You’d be amazed at the sizes we can print and the quality, […]

Poster Printing Works

Size Matters – Making a Big Impact.
If you have something to say, why not say it as BIG as you can and create the largest impact possible. Try this for size, we now print posters over 1500mm wide X any length. Wow, now that’s big, It’s enormous! Our large […]

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Gp Digital Print Online – Welcome to Our New Website

Clean, Responsive and Mobile Ready
A Big Welcome to the newest addition of the GP Digital Print family; our brand new shiny website. We have left the old website behind (we almost cried) and entered a new era with a clean mobile responsive, eye catching colourful site. This website is […]