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100 Years of Print: 1916 – 2016

Festivities and Commemorations are coming hard and fast at us right now. St. Patricks day has come and gone but Easter has taken hold and will be with us for a while longer. Calories from chocolate sources will tempt us over the next few days or even weeks. Resistance […]

The Year Ahead in Print – Be the Natural Brand of Choice.

We are now one month into the New Year and Businesses throughout the country are beginning to settle down and glance forward. What a Year 2015 presented us with. It filled us with a new hope that we hadn’t witnessed in some time. The green shoots of recovery that […]

Summers Here – Don’t take your foot off the gas!

Now that the’grand stretch in the evening’ is starting to contract its time to reflect as mid summers marker has been reached. Beside reaching the mid way point the weather has only started to behave itself lately. There’s been obvious signs around town that Summer has finally made its […]

Photoshop – Delighting us for 25 Years

Its difficult to believe that 25 years have already passed since Photoshop graced our monitors for the very first time. Adobe Photoshop has become possibly one of the most iconic software programs of all time.  It has changed the way we view our world, literally. The world was first […]

A Year in a Changing Print World – We reflect on 2014

Wow…. And what a year 2014 was. The world of Print can sometimes be a peculiar place.  It can be your best friend on a Monday morning and come Friday afternoon it can be your vilest enemy. But you wouldn’t have it any other way would you?

Change is part […]

5 Reasons Why Print Media Will Be So Important For Your Business in 2015.

Today’s environment is so cluttered with digital advertisement that its almost blinding. Is it time to reel it in somewhat and take stock of what we can actually see. Marketing king, Jay Walker-Smith once commented that we are ambushed by at least 5000 ads every day. This has increased […]

My 10 Years at Gp Digital Print – Pierce Ivory

When I was asked to contribute a guest post to the GP Digital Print website a few weeks ago I could hardly refuse. Although I’m no longer employed there, I felt I still had something to offer. 

I’m a great man for the cliches and you will find them littered […]

Kyma Deeb – Large Format Manager – 10 Years in Print

Kyma is the third and final member of this well established Print Sisterhood, aka the ‘Holy Print Trinity’ at Gp Digital.

I don’t think any print company in Ireland can claim the same unique setup as GP Digital. Kyma’s  background in IT has labeled her the ‘IT’ girl at GP […]

Seren Deeb – Director GP Digital – 10 Years in Print

Next up for interrogation was the one and only Seren Deeb. Her roots, like her sister Nyssan are firmly rooted in the Print World. Seren’s introduction to the print industry came about through her father Abrahams Repro Business, Techni Graphoplan. You could say she cut her teeth in Graphoplan […]

Nyssan Deeb – Managing Director GP Digital – 10 Years in Print

With the ’10 years in Print’ anniversary only a few days away we thought it might be apt to interrogate those behind the well oiled machine they call Gp Digital.

Our first focus as always needs to start at the top of the tree at GP Digital. Nyssan Deeb has […]