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Summers Coming: Are You Print Ready?

In technical terms, Summer is almost with us. The rain isn’t as frequent as before, the temperatures are  rising and there’s that grand stretch in the evenings, that we love to talk about. Like any transitional period in any aspect of our lives, we must always be at the ready.
Be […]

Print Advertising Should Still have a Place in Every Marketing Campaign

In this day and age, most marketing strategies solely focus on e-marketing and technology. More and more, print advertising is considered an obsolete form of marketing and consequently overlooked and forgotten. However, print media still has its unique place and use within every marketing strategy if you want the […]

The Year Ahead in Print – Be the Natural Brand of Choice.

We are now one month into the New Year and Businesses throughout the country are beginning to settle down and glance forward. What a Year 2015 presented us with. It filled us with a new hope that we hadn’t witnessed in some time. The green shoots of recovery that […]

Business Cards: Your ‘Networking Weapon’ of Choice.

Networking has been around for thousands of years. It may seem like a relatively new tactic, bumping heads with like-minded people, priming potential prospects or whatever way you look at it, it’s been around forever. Most networking opportunities end with an exchange of Business Cards, but that’s only the beginning. […]

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Print Marketing: The Most Awesome Tool in Your Business.

Would you believe that Summer is already contemplating making way for Autumns inevitable arrival? It’s not easy to forget that Summer in many industries casts a ‘quietening spell’ over production and output. The print industry isn’t a stranger to lean times, especially in those lazy hazy Summer months. We […]

Innovation Keeps The Print Industry On Its Toes

How refreshing is it to know that one of the oldest creative trades is very much alive. It cheers me up to hear this. Print has come under attack from new media trends over the last decade. The rise and rise of digital marketing and the web have caused […]

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Summers Here – Don’t take your foot off the gas!

Now that the’grand stretch in the evening’ is starting to contract its time to reflect as mid summers marker has been reached. Beside reaching the mid way point the weather has only started to behave itself lately. There’s been obvious signs around town that Summer has finally made its […]

5 Reasons Why Print Media Will Be So Important For Your Business in 2015.

Today’s environment is so cluttered with digital advertisement that its almost blinding. Is it time to reel it in somewhat and take stock of what we can actually see. Marketing king, Jay Walker-Smith once commented that we are ambushed by at least 5000 ads every day. This has increased […]

Four Great Reasons To Choose Print

In this digital age many large companies invest thousands even millions of euro in advertising campaigns.
Their spend goes towards advertising new products or giving a new lease of life to older existing ones. Its not only the larger companies that use slick advertising. The smaller businesses and individual sole […]

Does Print Marketing Work in a Digital Age?

by Pierce Ivory
There is so much noise out there surrounding digital advertising that sometimes it appears almost overwhelming. Marketing has changed dramatically in a very short period of time.

Digital Media with it’s fast paced new technology and ever changing buzzwords is somewhat drowning out the noise generated by print […]

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