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100 Years of Print: 1916 – 2016

Festivities and Commemorations are coming hard and fast at us right now. St. Patricks day has come and gone but Easter has taken hold and will be with us for a while longer. Calories from chocolate sources will tempt us over the next few days or even weeks. Resistance […]

Fathers Day in the Print Room

by Pierce Ivory
If you are reading this post you may be wondering what the hell has fathers day got to do with printing. The truth of the matter is, absolutely everything and possibly nothing!

As a print company we like to cater for everyone. Sometimes we like to promote ourselves […]

5 things to do in Dublin over Easter

by Social Printer
It’s that time of year again where the kids are off school and the Easter break is well and truly upon us. Whether you embrace it with open arms or resist with clenched fists, the choice is entirely yours.

Parents are juggling their time between childminders, play dates, […]

St Patrick’s Day – What it means to be Irish

by leprechauns who print

With the winter now a distant memory and a ‘grand auld stretch in the evenings’ we turn are heads to today, March 17th, Patrick’s Day.

Is it a wonder that almost everyone claims Irish ancestry of some sort at this time of the year. The anecdotes of […]

Social Printing at your fingertips

Gp  Digital – Your Social Printer
After a really successful website relaunch and plenty of new traffic to we just can’t stop talking. We have so much to tell you and so much to talk about! Over the next few weeks, months and years you are going to see […]

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