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3D Printing – The New Industrial Revolution?

3D printing is possibly one of the most important technologies to be developed this century. Its possibilities are limitless. There are so many life changing benefits associated with 3D Printing that we decided to dedicate a slot in our Blog and regularly keep you updated with the latest news […]

The Fundamental Elements of Design – A Video Journey

We all know how important Graphic Designers are to Print Industry. We can’t live without them and fortunately for Gp Digital, they can’t live without us. We wanted to give back a little something in appreciation of all those awesome Graphic Designers we have had the privilege to working […]

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Graphic Design – Why we love the Apple Mac

by Pierce Ivory
It was 30 years ago that Apple introduced the Macintosh. It’s promise was to bring the power of technology to our fingertips. 30 years later we take a look at how it lived up to that promise and how it transformed graphic design.
The graphic design and printing […]

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Gp Digital Print Now On Youtube

by Pierce Ivory
Lights, camera, action. Well not exactly but Gp Digital Print are now on YouTube.
There’s been a great buzz about the place lately. Our little secret is out of the bag. We are so excited to announce that YouTube is the latest addition to our social channels. We […]

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