Project Description

Photo exhibition graphics or photos require an extremely high quality standard of reproduction. When a photographer comes to us at Gp Digital, they will be assured that we can produce their work to the highest standard available to them. We understand that our quality reflects the photographers work at every glance. If the print standard is poor, it will show the photography in a bad light.

Our high end quality printers produce outstanding work for many reasons. We use the latest print and RiP technology alongside an 8 colour vivid ink system that will accurately reproduce any image, painting or illustration every time consistently. The 8 colour ink system allows millions of colour combinations resulting in closer representation. Black and White reproductions are outstanding because our ink system uses Photo Black, Matt Black and Light Grey inks to achieve richer tones.

If you are thinking about your next photographic exhibition, contact us at Gp Digital for a quote. We can advise you on photographic printing, photo mounting and talk you through the process and what best suits your photographic needs. We can provide you with an installation on request. We have many years experience dealing with exhibitions. We understand entirely the importance of showcasing your work to the highest standard.

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