Gp-Digital-PrintWhen I was asked to contribute a guest post to the GP Digital Print website a few weeks ago I could hardly refuse. Although I’m no longer employed there, I felt I still had something to offer. 

I’m a great man for the cliches and you will find them littered throughout this post. Here’s one but a very true one at that. GP Digital still runs through my veins. One could say that print is still an integral part of me that forms the building blocks of my very being. Sorry I sneaked another cliche in there, just couldn’t resist. Both of my children were born during my tenure at GP Digital so therefore not only was it my place of employment but it was also an integral part of my support network.

I find myself talking about print quite often these days. Having spent over 20 years in this honorable industry I have accumulated so much random print data over time that it needed a platform so that I could expel it from my head from time to time. A data vomit so to speak!

My background is in Repro, a trade that challenged me and something I thoroughly enjoyed for so many years. Out of the blue came the Apple Mac and changed forever the way we approached Repro. It then became pre-press. What I learned in my Repro days served me well throughout my print career. I discovered screen angles and that each colour had a different one, how weird was that. I could tell the C,M,Y,K breakdown of a colour to 5% accuracy by simply looking at it. I’m not bragging here at all (yeah right!). In those days everyone had those same abilities, we were all Superheroes. Sadly they don’t have those skills nowadays. They are the ‘Command P’ generation where machine intuition is key and heavily relied upon. User intervention happens less and less these days as machine technology improves at an exponential rate.

In 2004 GP Digital was born from sheer necessity. It was certainly a breath of fresh air for me. For the first time in my work life I had a clear focus that was shared with like minded people, Nyssan and Seren Deeb. On a fateful evening in October 2004 we launched what was to be a life changing plan. GP Digital grew over time.

The plan that was set out from the beginning was quite simple and still sits at the centre of GP Digital’s vision today. Be honest and transparent and remain customer centric. This philosophy remains intact today. In a recent interview, Nyssan Deeb, MD at Gp Digital was asked the question –

What is most important to you regarding GP Digital?

It is crucial to make sure that we don’t neglect any area of the business. Whether it is Customer Service, Print Quality, Our Staff, or even the Decor in our Office. So everything that is customer centric and those little things that make a difference I suppose are very important.

My 10 years at GP Digital awakened a desire in me to learn. I turned my head back to education and reinvented myself, so to speak. I felt the world of digital marketing had so much to offer the print media sector. It sounds a bit like an Oxymoron but I felt so strongly about this that I just embraced this new digital landscape. I discovered that GP Digital could command a great presence online if it followed a strong digital marketing strategy and this became my challenge.

GP Digital embraced the digital space and excelled at it. They passed with flying colours (yet another cliche). As I entered digital marketing in a full time capacity I was happy with what I was leaving behind. GP Digital has been navigated by Nyssan Deeb and her two sisters Seren and Kyma for the last 10 years successfully. They understand the power of reputation and the importance of trust. It lifts my spirits to think that I contributed in some form to the GP Digital that now commands a strong position in the digital print sector. May the next 10 years be as meaningful and aspirational as it’s prelude.

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