New-Dawn-For-PrintNow that the 6th of January has passed quietly we were able to justify tearing down the Xmas Decorations guilt free. The last tin of Roses,  the final boxes of Heroes and Celebrations have been consumed and now reside for all to see on our hips and our more rounded than usual mid sections.

2015 has introduced its overconfident self to us for the first time. It promises success, health and happiness but with certain caveats. It smiles at us, it entices us, it seduces us. 2015 asks just one request of us. Like the beginning of any new year it asks the same thing without fail……A simple new years resolution! Yikes!

A decent new years resolution is built on good intentions. The problem with good intentions is in the foundations they sit on. The foundations are crafted from Willpower, Temptation and Procrastination. These 3 ingredients when in the wrong hands can ultimately spell disaster. What I mean by disaster is not in on a biblical epic scale but more in personal failings.

I’m not here writing this post to tell you all what to do. I’m not here to try change you, I can’t do that. I wanted to offer advice whether it is taken at a personal or a business level, the choice is yours. Its always yours. Businesses all over Ireland are full to the brim today of people like you and me. These people have resolutions they wish to implement into their daily lives to improve well being ultimately in 2015. If we could somehow transfer these resolutions into our businesses and follow through with them, think how much a better place your business would be in 2015.

Our very own business, Gp Digital, is no different from anywhere else. We too make personal resolutions brought on by the over indulgence of recent weeks. We too make business resolutions in the form of goals which we aim to complete one at a time. One at a time keeps us focused on what is important. Each goal has a double focus. What we mean by double focus is the goal itself ( a new product launch etc) and you, always you the customer. You remain a constant in our bulls-eye. Our aim will continually focus on you and the goals that are important to us.

Customer centrics are always at the top of the agenda for GP Digital every time. We couldn’t be here without you. Our resolution for 2015 is to continue to offer you a ‘best in class’ print marketing service that will show your brand in great light across many platforms. Companies find it easy to make such promises but unlike GP Digital not many of them are award winning print companies with pedigree. Fact!

Happy New Year!