The humble Business Card has been used as a successful marketing tool since the early 17th century.

In today’s digital world, they still remain a great networking tool for your company. They certainly can pack a punch when it comes to hitting home your companies profile driving eyeballs from offline interactions to full online brand engagement.

Business cards increase sales x 3%Without realising it we hand out tiny brochures of our business everyday. These brochures or infograms are company business cards. They act as very effective sales tools for your business. Statistics show that your business sales can increase 3% per 2,000 cards handed to prospects. A prospect will hold onto a well designed and colourful card a lot longer than a standard one.

Creative business cards can make the most waves with your prospects. Business cards drive ‘hand to hand’ communication. Just like a handshake, business cards can be an introduction to a long lasting business relationship. It’s a personal invite into your company. Creative designs can turn business cards into multi tasking devices for you. Not only will they communicate names, addresses, email, phone numbers they can also be used as bookmarks, event tickets, promotions, scannable and traceable cards and so much more.

These cards are the foot soldiers who work tirelessly for your company informing your prospects and promoting interaction. To utilise business cards to their full potential, we have come up with a few valuable tips that will help drive potential sales to your business.

4 ways to leverage sales with Business Cards.

  1. Always have cards close at hand – Never leave the office without them. Networking has integrated with our everyday lives. A chance meeting in a supermarket, a bank, the cinema or anywhere you may engage with someone could present you with a potential business opportunity. Never let your stocks run out. Always order a fresh batch of cards from your printer.
  2. Mind your Manners – There is an etiquette involved with the exchange of business cards. When someone hands you a card they have invited you into their circle of trust. Make sure to offer your card in return as this shows your and your companies level of professionalism. On the other hand when you offer your card don’t forget to ask the recipient for theirs. Spend a few moments reading the card before placing it in your wallet.
  3. Slogans Work – Including a slogan, a call to action or your unique selling point on the business card can help your business stand out from the others. Use this opportunity to build brand recognition to cement your position as a viable business in the minds of your prospects.
  4. Follow up – One of your most important roles, after the business card has been distributed, is to follow up. Taking the initiative and contacting your prospects can be an advantage at this point. Your company will be still fresh in their minds.

Business cards are now and should always be a viable part of your marketing strategy. They remain cost effective and with an average return of 3% per 2,000 hand outs they offer a higher return than many digital channels. Handing over a business card can open the conversational channels that are a must in any business relationship development.

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