digital-printing-technologyWhy Digital Rocks!

Digital Printing first appeared as a unknown entity way back in 1993. Traditional print companies shied away from this new disruptive game changing technology. Just like the Beatles, Computers and Mobile phones (and I mean the cavity block sized models) they thought it was just another fad and wouldn’t mount to much.

Whilst rummaging around the digital landscape for info to write this post I made an interesting discovery. Did you know that 14% of all print is now Digital. What a mind blowing thought! That incredible stat is ever increasing and study shows that European Digital Print revenues will reach a staggering €12.7 billion by 2015. This growth has been driven by clever marketing from the Digital giants such as HP, Canon and Konica Minolta to name but a few.

The benefits of Digital Print have turned the Print Industry on it’s head. It has shook the bejaysus out of the ‘Print Trads’ and led them on a ‘digital’ merry dance. More companies are finding digital print provides a great channel to communicate with their clients. We have to agree!

Digital is so Green

Digital Print methods are becoming greener with the advancements of technology. Digital has entirely by-passed the pre-press process stages. There is no need for Film, Plate making or the use of stinky Chemicals (and they do smell, believe me) that live in CTP machines. Digital gets straight down to business cutting out the wasteful set-up process of traditional print methods. What about the ink? I knew you’d mention that one. Most digital machines are now using eco friendly bio degradable Toners and Inks!

Looking for a Fast Turnaround?

As we mentioned before, digital printing boasts quicker response time. This is due to very straight forward and an almost 0% set up time. Your first print is your first print. It has made the printing process much simpler. There are very few processes between Graphic Design and the final Digital Print stage. Traditional film and printing plates are no longer required. Less people are involved in the digital printing process and this equates to less mistakes and faster turnaround of the final product.

Saving you Money

The big ‘M’ is of utmost importance to you our Customer. Money or should we say Budgets drive Marketing. Digital enables your company to benefit from huge savings. There are far less restrictions on a Digital Press. We can print 1 copy as cost effectively as we can print 1000 copies. Traditional printing can’t! Set up time on digital is non existent compared with set up time on Traditional. We can save you money on quantities. Traditional methods will be bound by minimum print runs, digital is flexible. This is why you too should Love Digital Print.

In a Nut Shell

Digital Print enables more control over print management. Storing printed stock isn’t a factor as you can order as you go. If a client wishes to amend artwork it’s a simple task and not a Nightmare. There is no need for plate making or film. Short run printing is now as cost effective as ever. Companies can now with the use of Personalisation software deliver the right message to the right person. The message can be tailored to a particular audience on a personal level. This is disruptive marketing at it’s most intuitive. Digital Printing has rocked the industry to it’s core. Gp Digital are now part of the Digital Revolution leading the way with it’s Intelligent Print Solutions! Once Digital bites you’ll be infected. You won’t look back!