by Pierce Ivory
There is so much noise out there surrounding digital advertising that sometimes it appears almost overwhelming. Marketing has changed dramatically in a very short period of time.

The Eye Glass 1990

Digital Media with it’s fast paced new technology and ever changing buzzwords is somewhat drowning out the noise generated by print marketing. You would have thought so, right? Wrong, print is very much alive and reinventing itself with vigor and adaptability.

Did you really think that Johannes Gutenberg’s press was finally going to stop producing print and leave us without the wonderful and tangible product that has informed and educated us for hundreds of years. Did you think that print would simply disappear even though it has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than its online counterpart?

Yes there has been a decline in demand for print but only in certain areas of the industry. This is by no means an indication that print is dying on its feet. There are also clear signals that print has diversified and reinvented itself breathing new life into this age old channel. Graphic designers have stepped up to the plate and with an ever watching creative eye have embraced the world of print with striking designs and intuitive intelligence that could only be made for print.

Digital marketers are not having it all there own way when it comes to owning advertising. They are facing their own challenges with online display advertising. The phenomenon of ‘Banner Blindness’  causes online users to block out website advertising either consciously or subconsciously. This isn’t really a problem with print especially in the outdoor environment. Print can be very large and become part of the landscape. People look out for signage to confirm location or searching for a business. Print does and will always have the advantage of Scale over any other form of advertising and this is surely a competitive edge that is worthy of a large chunk of your marketing budget.

Social media witPrinting-still-has-a-place-in-marketinghout doubt has made the world a smaller place. We all seem to be connected somehow. The Hungarian writer Frigyes Karinthy wrote about his theory – six degrees of separation. He claimed that we all could be connected within six degrees or steps. Social media has knocked at least 2 degrees off his theory bringing us closer together.

Print is social. Take the humble business card which we recently highlighted here. Networking events at some point see exchange of business cards. Is this not a social medium? When you present yourself to a potential customer you will most likely offer your card. The connection you’re making is very much a social one. It would be unusual not to have details of your social channels printed on your business card. Print can fully integrate with the online space.

Some might say that with print you have a credibility, an honest media that the online landscape is lacking. We tend to trust print as we can smell it, feel and hold it. Many studies have shown that print is considered more credible than online.  One of the main reasons for this credibility is that print is more permanent and not as easily manipulated as a more fluid web.

The next time you pass by a printed sign, a poster, a branded vehicle, a shop window, a hotel,  a restaurant, a museum or even a bus, take a long look at the beautiful graphics that may have drawn you there in the first place. Ask yourself one simple question. Does Print Marketing work in a digital age?