Corporate-personalised-printed-inviteIn this digital age many large companies invest thousands even millions of euro in advertising campaigns.


Their spend goes towards advertising new products or giving a new lease of life to older existing ones. Its not only the larger companies that use slick advertising. The smaller businesses and individual sole traders also use advertising. Putting digital advertisement aside for one moment, print offers companies many advantages.


Whether or not you enjoy the TV in the evening after a hard days work, advertisement is been served to you in a passive way. The ads may or may not grab your attention. You haven’t chosen to allow them into your living room, they just sneak in whether we like it or not. On the other hand print is tangible. You make a conscious decision to physically pick up a newspaper, a brochure and turn the page. The content we read informs us of products, services, places, events or even points us towards the web to make purchases. We chose to engage. Consumers are more likely to be engaged with printed material. Websites are more likely to be scanned by consumers in as little as 15 seconds.

Long Lasting

TV and online ads try grab your attention in  a short space of time. They present themselves before our eyes and disappear within a flash. Print stays with us for the duration our attention span allows. Print advertisement is a permanent fixture on the paper its printed on. Every time readers look at the page where the advertisement appears, they see the same thing. As long as a publication stays in circulation the ads also remain visible to every reader. Digital advertising runs out with budget while its print counterpart lasts until it hits the recycling bin.

Its Credible

Print gives us a sense of legitimacy. The web is a wash with content. It can be overwhelming at times and even make us hesitant. Print on the other hand through it’s tangibility is more credible. High quality printed material will catch your attention for longer periods of time than any online media. Print readers are more focused. It is easier to concentrate on one thing open in your hands than six tabs open on a screen, that’s a fact! It is often remarked that print gives credibility to online campaigns. If a user sees an ad in print format and then later in digital, it adds gravitas to the overall campaign.

Working together

When print and the web meet it is usually the sign of a well thought out campaign. Driving eyeballs online through print works really well. The simple mention of a website, a social media page will grab attention. As long as the printed content is well designed, well written and visually appealing it will pull people in. There are certain technical ways that can integrate print media with digital media. For instance printed QR codes are a great way to send readers onto digital platforms by simply scanning them with a reader on your smart device.

Its good to unplug yourself from the digital landscape from time to time. Learn to relax again, read a book, a magazine. Ignore the the constant notifications that invade your space on a continual basis. Look at print and enjoy the peace and tranquility it can bring.

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