With the Digital Print age well and truly out of the pram and starting to walk we take a look at some interesting facts regarding printing trends.

Printing has advanced so rapidly over the last 5 years that it is hard to stay on top of current trends. Those of us who keep our heads well and truly planted in the proverbial sand should come up for air very soon.

Although digital technology has swept aside what we once knew about print, there is still time to reclaim that well earned experience and put it to use again. Digital print technology isn’t just for geeks and techies, it’s for everyone. The ‘Digital Native’ print community know this and see print as an integral part of communication and not the inked up pile of dead trees other non believers claim. It’s an essential channel just like Social Media, Email and the fast paced new kid on the block ‘Mobile’.

Digital print has now embraced the online world and has become an essential contributor to the digital landscape. Print now drives brand awareness online, it hooks users up with many brand’s social channels. Print is one of the main drivers behind augmented reality. Printed materials act as a launch pad from the analogue world to the technical wonders of the digital space. Many Print companies like Gp Digital have realised the important part Digital Print plays in the online landscape.

The traditional ‘Local’ Printer is now morphing into a more slipstream digital version of itself. Local is fast changing as the Global village shrinks to within everyone’s reach. ‘Glocal’ is the new way we do business as the global boundaries are erased and redrawn.
Pierce Ivory

Take a look at this interesting Infographic that shows how print is still growing in the corporate world.

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Digital -Print-in-Ireland-and-europe-and-Usa