KymaKyma is the third and final member of this well established Print Sisterhood, aka the ‘Holy Print Trinity’ at Gp Digital.

I don’t think any print company in Ireland can claim the same unique setup as GP Digital. Kyma’s  background in IT has labeled her the ‘IT’ girl at GP Digital. Her tech training has enabled her to bring GP Digital to a new level that many Print Businesses have yet to reach. She was nabbed on the way to the canteen by a rowdy interviewer (the one whose name cannot be spoken) . She had no choice but to comply. Have a read of her wise words and find out what it means to be part of a successful family run Digital Print Company in the heart of Dublin.

Name and Position?

Kyma and manager of Large format graphics.

How long have you been with Gp digital?

Over 6 years

What is your background – what did you do before GP?

My background is in computing. I studied at Portobello College and graduated in 2002 after which I worked in different areas of software and desktop support. My last position was with Invesco where I worked for 3 years on the internal Desktop support team.

Can you give a quick run through of your daily routine.

My morning would start by replying to large format enquiries which have come in overnight. Once all correspondence is up to date I list my production jobs in order of deadline and I get started printing. Each day is different as there are no two jobs the same!

What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy feedback I get from our customers. Sometimes the panicked voice on the phone looking for a last minute backdrop for an event is short lived when they realize their deadline is not as tight as they might have thought! You’d be surprised how quickly we can turnaround pull up banners!

What aspect of your job do you dislike the most?

Traffic on my commute to work!! Although I’m able to setup a lot of my jobs remotely from home. Even the night before I can prepare a lot of jobs for print before I go to bed and when I get into the office there is no delay to hit print.

How important do you see your role within the company? Is it evolving?

My role can be key in certain jobs, there are tweaks to the machines I would know to implement depending on the artwork to be printed. The large format sector is an area which is growing for GP digital. We are taking on bigger projects all the time. A large printed wall covering has now evolved into a “run of the mill” job for us, which is ran simultaniously to smaller jobs like foamboard or poster prints.

What keeps you motivated?

Being part of a growing company and directly contributing to its success is a huge motivation.

What do you see as the most challenging aspect of your job?

Our daily workload can vary from “taking a leisurely lunch” to “grab bite of your sandwich as you run past your desk to answer the door” finding the right balance on days like those can be tricky (and can give you indigestion!)

What do you see as the most challenging aspect within the Print Industry?

A huge factor when buying print for the consumer is the bottom line price. However, what some people don’t know is the old saying “you pay for what you get” resonates here. While everyone loves a bargain, forfeiting quality over price is just not worth it.  We often see situations where cheapest price almost always ends up with customer unsatisfaction. It can be difficult to see this happen time and time again.  Our aim is always about keeping our prices competitive while maintaining the highest quality product.

How has the industry changed in your lifetime in print?

In my modest 6 years at the reins of digital print I have seen dramatic changes in the way a lot of companies do business. Typically, digital marketing and online presence. These have exploded onto the scene, leaving little room for other medias, like print. Having said that, we are part of the oldest industries in the world and print still accounts for a massive chunk in large companies advertising budgets. This coupled with the fact GP Digital have diversed with our large format graphics area with interior wall coverings, display graphics and exhibition signage. We have 10 years behind us and many more ahead,

 How do you see GP digital progressing over the next 10 years?

A lot of customers we gained in the early years would still consider GP Digital their primary printer. Basing my logic on that I expect the next 10 years will have a lot more success, new business connections and more versatility.

How do you manage to keep a balance between your work and personal life?

I enjoy my job and the flexibility it gives me. I’m a busy mother of two small children so working outside the home can be a juggle sometimes. I have a great childminder who works with my unpredictable hours. I also make time for myself by playing hockey and going to the gym. Life is all about balance!

Do you find it difficult to switch off when you leave the office?

Not generally. Although a very odd time we might have a complicated job, tight deadline or delay in artwork. These might leave a niggling feeling when you’ve left the office. I suppose its hard to relax and switch off until the job is signed, sealed and delivered.

What is the most important thing to you regarding GP Digital?

Its success. And making friends along the way.

How important is print media within the communications sector, in your opinion? Why?

Hugely important. We recently published a blog on this very topic which got a lot of interest. As I mentioned earlier digital marketing is the quick and direct method of communication but something the print industry has on that is a tangible and lasting impression, like a flyer. It takes no effort to pick up a piece of paper and read it long after people have switched off their mobile device.

Kyma has a very positive outlook for GP Digital and the print industry as a whole. Like Nyssan and Seren, Kyma understands the tasks that lie ahead in order to compete at the highest level. Maintaining quality in service and end product are at the core of Gp Digital’s values.