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At Gp Digital we are So Big on Print. The bigger the better, that’s what we say. If you’ve got something to say why not shout it out from the top of your voice, say it Large. You’d be amazed at the sizes we can print and the quality, well it’s just amazing. It wasn’t so long ago large format digital print didn’t exist. Everything ‘Big’ went through the Screen or Litho printing process, processes that could prove costly and slow at times.

When digital printing presented itself to the industry, it had a swagger and a cheeky grin about it. Digital promised so much at the beginning but was slow to deliver. As technology improved so too did digital print. High quality print was now available digitally at large scale.

Giant leaps in Large Format Digital Print technology have revolutionised the print on demand industry. We can now print faster, bigger, smaller, better quality, more colourful and most importantly more cost effective to you the customer. Large format digital print is where all the ‘Big’ ideas happen. We take your Ideas and we scale them up to Massive Sizes so that your customers can see your Brand from bigger distances. ‘Big’ Print gives your Brand the opportunity to reach further afield.

Your customer can now engage with your brand in more places than before. The Digital era is truly upon us and Print has a major role to play. Driving traffic online can be an integral part of Large Format Print, creating brand awareness and directing digital channels. QR codes and other forms of augmented reality are becoming the norm in Offline to Online migration. The future of print is the ability to bring the customer seamlessly from the analogue world to the digital landscape.

Large format Digital printing has enabled new and innovative ideas to be used as part of a company’s marketing and sales strategy. Large graphics can be strategically placed on buildings, on ceilings, on buses, trains, the Luas and so much more. With long lasting inks and more durable outdoor materials, large format print is now becoming a permanent fixture of our everyday lives, constantly selling us a solution.

Gp Digital strive to deliver a ‘best in class’ solution and service for all your printing needs. We understand your requirements and will work hard with you to achieve outstanding results in every project we work together on. Our award winning service and printing expertise is our guarantee to you.