Laeflet PrintingWhen you hear the words leaflet printing, the green recycling bin springs to mind. Well for some of you I’m sure. The truth of the matter is leaflets are an effective form of advertising whether you like them or not.

Consumers are blinded by the array of advertising from many platforms every day of the week. Deciding what to let in and what to ignore can be exhausting to say the least. When you need to promote your brand, you must be sure that you receive an adequate ROI that makes your campaign viable. Marketing budgets are frequently constrained. Although there are many advertising channels to choose from, it is often a shot in the dark as to which channel will yield the best return.

When advertising your brand, you first need to work out how to reach your customers. You must establish the most effective way to communicate with them. The easiest way to do this is by simply listening to them, ask them! The majority of customers prefer to be contacted via a leaflet drop or direct mail straight to the door. 70% of print material that hits your letterbox is read. Compare this with email. A good open rate would be anywhere between 20% – 40%. There is a massive opportunity for business owners to tap into this uncluttered channel that’s affordable. Print wins hands down, every time!

Irish households on average received 2-3 promotional flyers in the door every week. Compared with other forms of advertising media, printed material to your letterbox is a relatively uncluttered channel. It’s an opportunity for local businesses to promote their products and services to the communities that really matter. Reputations are created within these communities, they spread like wildfire.

Although there is an increase in flyers or leaflets through the letter box, most are discarded as they present generic unappealing advertising every time. The key to getting eyeballs on your own printed leaflets is to stand out from everyting else in your hand. At Gp Digital, our print processes are second to none and are tried and tested with great results. Our customers brands are given every chance to shine given the attention to detail we pay each project. This is part of our ethos, our mission statement if you will.

Printed leaflets are a successful way to deliver your message, no matter what it is. Some of our customers that use printed leaflets to promote their brands include, Solicitors, Accountants, Financial Institutions, Public Relations, IT companies, Retail, Leisure and so much more. You are in good company. Your printed message will be seen amongst the clutter and at the same time give you a great Return of Investment.

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