Small Format Printing ProductsCan you really say that you truly know your customers. In an always ‘turned on’ world our customers are revealing more and more about themselves and their habits to us each day. Are we listening? They are constantly sharing with online communities how they feel about the businesses they deal with on a day to day basis. The online environment whether we like it or not is the new vehicle in which we share word of mouth.

We all need to locate our customers whereabouts. They are no longer readily available at the end of a phone call or indeed easily tracked down with the traditional and now frowned upon ‘Cold Call’. You need to go beyond the ’email relationships’ you may have with your customers and interact on a more human level.

We recently carried out a customer survey at GP Digital . The thinking behind it was to take a closer look behind the scenes and find out what exactly our customers really thought about us. Thankfully they were a happy bunch. Phew! You have to be brave sometimes and ask the really difficult questions even if you’re not hearing what you like! Honest customer feedback is like gold dust. Its precious. Its a privilege to find out what they really think about you.

The most important thing is what you do with that data. We have discovered that customers like our customer service, they feel appreciated. This stamp of approval in that department didn’t just happen overnight. It was nurtured from inception and closely guarded through the customer life-cycle.

Small format has always been a very busy department for us. We regularly add to our range of small format printing products. Why? Because we reached out to our customers and asked them what they wanted. We listened to their requests and implemented any changes that could add value to their experience. Many publications have now gone online with the advent of digital media encroaching into print. However digital printing can take some of those publications back with its fast turnaround times, small quantity output and cost effective production.

By listening to our customers we were able to establish that by increasing the choice of stock, they in turn could offer their own customers more value. By adding value of service we give them no choice but to come back for more. Listening is essential across all departments in Gp Digital. Its our philosophy. We listen at every stage of the print process. The small format printing department is a fast paced environment and communication with our clients is vital.

We spend so much time worrying about our own needs that we sometimes overlook the needs of those who rely on us. By tuning into their wavelength we can dispel any reservations our customers may have prior to submitting a print project. Listening is one of the most powerful tool available to us, so use it!