Poster printing works on many levels creating brand awareness and visuual impact.Size Matters – Making a Big Impact.

If you have something to say, why not say it as BIG as you can and create the largest impact possible. Try this for size, we now print posters over 1500mm wide X any length. Wow, now that’s big, It’s enormous! Our large format poster printing gives your customers further reach indoors and outdoors. The brand exposure is highly targeted and can have a long lasting effect on generating sales.

Poster Printing is one of the many services we offer you our customer at Gp Digital. If you are promoting an Event or a Service or simply pushing your Brand and require full visibility, then Printed Posters are a great choice for you. Awareness and visual impact are what drives your brand. At Gp Digital we specialise in the production of visual graphics that add value to your business, service or product.

Poster Options for you.

We offer a huge choice of printing materials for your posters. If its high impact you are looking for then a nice Gloss finish will transform your Poster print. Maybe you’re looking for that classic finish; why not try out our matt poster paper, it’s one of our best sellers! All posters can be laminated (extra charges will apply) to give that added durability and longevity. Your posters can be printed onto gloss or matt vinyl and mounted onto Foamboard, Foamex or 080 board to give stability. If you are looking for some more material options just drop us an email.

Poster Printing is by far one of our most flexible services. Sizes can be customised to fit any space. Your brand, service or product can be marketed directly to your customer base or any potentials with strategic poster placement. Poster printing really works as a cost effective visual method of getting your brand’s message across.

 Poster Printing Discounts in September

For the next 2 weeks (until 30/9/2013) we are offering you the chance to make great savings on our 3 most popular Poster Sizes (A0, A1 and A2). All our Poster Prints are produced on the highest graded papers, the highest quality finish and to top that off we are now giving you the highest savings yet.

Cutting Costs on A0 Size

Up to 5 x A0 Posters – €25 each
Up to 10 x A0 Posters – €24 each
Up to 15 x A0 Posters – €22 each

Make Savings on A1 and A2 sizes

Up to 10 x A1 Posters – €12 each
Up to 10 x A2 Posters – €6 each

Up to 5 x A1 Posters – €13 each
Up to 5 x A2 Posters – €7 each

Poster Printing – How to Order

To Avail of this Offer or ask about our other services simply contact us by email to find out more or call 01 4747303.

We would be delighted to give you any advice and assistance when ordering any of our print products or solutions.

Order your Big Poster Prints Today!