Order your print material for next years web summitThis years Web Summit in the RDS was signed off last Thursday as a absolute success on so many levels. We won’t mention the tiny little detail of wifi glitches that caused a bit of a kerfuffle amongst some of the attendees (sorry couldn’t resist).

Logistically speaking, the Web Summit must have served Paddy Cosgrave some serious bouts of migraine over the last year. Hat tip to him and his team for bringing us such an awesome cocktail of technological cyber juice. Over 20,000 techno geeks were drawn to the RDS bumping up the national average IQ by 10 points and that’s no mean feat (its already off the scale)!

At GP Digital we also played our part in this years Summit. Maybe we didn’t increase the IQ level by much but we did increase the level of printed material readily available to those same techno geeks. Our fine work enabled them to bring home some fantastic print takeaways to drool over when the gig was up. People forget that these great Seminars and Summits are integrated with print. The reality is Print Branding is everywhere. No matter which direction you looked at the Web Summit, print caught your eye and in some cases it nearly took the eye out of your head. It can be so disruptive (in a good way). This years Web Summit saw creativity at its most intuitive.

Its simple really, if you want to say something worthwhile and meaningful at a corporate event go ahead and say it with print. Print has a longer lasting effect on us than digital media, that’s a fact. As technology dominated last weeks summit we should be proud to have hosted such a word wide event in our great city (well one of them anyway). As a business you must avail of these opportunities to self promote, be seen. Share the brand with the multitudes through tailored print campaigns. Disrupt a filled room with creative and clever print solutions. Bang your brands drum as loud as possible.

Printed-and-mounted-exhibition-panelsWe recently published an informative post about Conference Print Solutions which you should really have a look at. These conferences and seminars are growing and becoming big crowd pullers. Dublin is now considered a centre of excellence for technology with Ireland now setting new standards across the globe. If your business is going to participate in a seminar next year, be prepared. Be print ready for battle.

Never run out of business cards, this is a No No when marketing your brand at any event. Make sure you have more than enough corporate brochures at hand. Techno geeks love them. Be sure to plan well in advance and avoid red faces and the odd ‘tut tut’ from disgruntled potential leads. We at Gp Digital are experts in Event Printing.

This year demand for our corporate event print solutions have reached out as far as Germany and across the pond to the USA. Our central location in the heart of Dublin and right next door to the Digital Hub and the Silicon Docks is perfect when it comes to managing your print logistics.

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