by Pierce Ivory
There is a misconception out there in certain circles that printing is environmentally destructive. This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. The hard truth of the matter is that printing is sustainable, its recyclable and most importantly it is low on carbon emissions.

Forest-replantation-print-industryAt Gp Digital we are well aware of the Greener side of Print. Our digital presses are low on energy consumption as too are the computers that oversea the printing process. Our toners are biodegradable and our paper is all recycled on a weekly basis. As print is still a big player in every businesses marketing strategy, it is also big on preserving our environment. Let us try to dispel some of the myths surrounding the print industry and the environment.


Does paper production destroy our forests

False. In fact the opposite to this is true. Most paper is produced from ‘Managed’ forests all over the world. The concept of a managed forest is very simple. For every tree used in paper manufacture several more are planted in its place. It is also true to say that the print industry only uses a fraction of forests in paper manufacture. Other industries including construction harvest more trees to use as raw building materials.

Print is recyclable

True. Printing companies in Ireland are ambassadors and advocates for recycling. Paper used for make ready or set up ends up in the recycling process. Guillotine operators collect tonnes of paper cuttings over the space of the year which is also recycled. The consumables that are used to run the digital printing presses are refurbished when they come to end of life. Consumables that don’t qualify for refurbishment are recycled.

Low carbon emissions

The transition of some traditional print material to electronic media has created a larger carbon footprint for businesses in Ireland and all over the World. The problem with online advertising for example is they need to appear on an electronic digital device to have impact. Each time the ad creates an impression on a device it creates a carbon output. Print on the other hand has an initial carbon footprint but that is offset because of tree growth and recycling carried out by the  industry.

There is nothing to fear with about the printing process. It is good for your business and as we have seen it is good for the environment. We in the print media do have a responsibility to the environment. It is important to us that all our customers know how green print is and at Gp Digital Print we embrace the values that protect our environment.

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