letters-lead-printWould you believe that Summer is already contemplating making way for Autumns inevitable arrival? It’s not easy to forget that Summer in many industries casts a ‘quietening spell’ over production and output. The print industry isn’t a stranger to lean times, especially in those lazy hazy Summer months. We have often reported on Summers void in the print trade, left absent by the print buyers lightning transition into holidaymakers. You need a break and we get that. We’ve been known to take the odd break ourselves  (keep that under your hat btw).


As we have mentioned on many occasions before, the need to regroup and re-strategise over the Summer months should be a caveat to achieving success in the Autumn and Winter period. Sometimes the answer to quiet times during the year is right there in front of you, literally. Open your eyes, take a deep breath. Wake up and smell the…..print. The most awesome tool at your disposal is always close and within your grasp. It’s tangible, its creative, it’s meaningful, it speaks volumes and at the same time oozes confidence. Print’s cost-effective marketing power never sleeps. That creative chink of light that illuminates your brand never dwindles, it’s always on.

Cost Effective

Planning is critical in any business. If you’re goal driven be sure to work on a strategy that gets you the best results possible. Using the most cost-effective marketing channel for you is crucial. Whether it is offline or online consistency and reliability is key. Delivering print campaigns, informational content or whatever else you choose to include within your marketing plan needs direction.


At GP Digital Print we understand the importance of direction. As providers of print solutions, nothing gives us more pleasure than helping you succeed with every project or campaign you are faced with. With over 20 years experience in the print and graphics industry, we can confidently direct you in every aspect of your print marketing strategy. There is so much noise nowadays in the online space that opportunity knocks for those who are willing to be drive creativity within the print space.

Online-Offline Relationship

With budgets beginning to bottom out at this time of year and the busy Autumn/Winter season only around the corner, preparation is key. These are the times when you need a Printer who can work within budget. There is no need to fear online spend spiraling out of control when print is part of your marketing mix. Our policy at Gp Digital is transparency at all times and no hidden extras with your print order. Let us not bury of heads totally in the sand regarding the online space. It is an important part of most businesses future proofing, strategies and budgets.

Print works well with online and can drive eyeballs to your digital channels. Research has shown that print stays in the memory longer than digital advertising. We have also developed an aversion to banner ads. We call this ‘banner blindness’ which doesn’t bode well for online display advertising.

The moral of the story is there is room for all. For hundreds of years, print has satisfied the needs of every industry we know. Lately online has come into our everyday lives both personal and business. We embrace both with open arms, Prints beauty and tangibility is something that can only be seen as special. It truly is an awesome tool that just keeps on giving.