by Pierce Ivory

Hasn’t it been a long and crazy year in the world of printing. Many of you may want to forget 2013 ever happened.

In reality 2013 has probably given us all something to steady our focus for 2014. At Gp Digital Print in 2013 we began to see those mythical green shoots of recovery as our economy edged it’s way back from the brink. We think confidence is very apparent about town. People are walking with a slight swagger to their step. This swagger can sometimes be easily confused with a cautious strut but lets not be pessimistic!

Streamlining for a better experience

Printing advancements have accelerated because of the internetThis is something we have been working long and hard on in 2013 and will continue to do so well into 2014. We feel passionate about making your printing experience both online and offline a memorable one. We are trying to make GP Digital’s brand the natural choice for you. Through our printing products and services we want to help you choose whats right for your brand.

Many print companies have been guilty of being too busy looking at themselves in the mirror. We only see you and therefore we understand your needs, your pains and of course, your brand. At Gp Digital Print we are Customer Centric and not Product Centric like many of our competitors. This is where we feel we can offer you an edge. Being customer centric enables us to make you better communicators with your clients.

Socially Yours

As an extension of our web presence we will continue to build our online communities through engaging social content. Printing has moved at such a fast pace from traditional offline to huge growth online thatSocial Media has enabled us to share printing news and tips with our customers many companies are finding it difficult to keep up. At Gp Digital we have embraced the internet and all social channels. We use the internet as a platform for you to engage with us.

Printing has changed so much over the last 10 years that its hardly recognisable. In order to embrace these changes we have made it easier for you to learn about Gp Digital and the services we offer. Our core services haven’t changed much over time but the way we interact with you the customer has changed dramatically. The online space is an important driver behind our business and in 2014 this will be more evident than ever.

Whether you are a corporate print buyer, a design creative or just looking for print on a small scale, we will tailor your online experience with personalised content that will match your requirements.

 Technology Improvements

Advancing our printing technology is an integral part of our present and future strategy. We endeavour to bring you the latest and best technology to improve our products and services. We plan to add to our printing arsenal in 2014 giving you access to a more cost effective quality print service.

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The future is looking bright at Gp Digital. Partnering with us puts you in the best position possible to communicate your brand to the market. 2014 will be all about you the customer. Each and every improvement we make will have you at the centre of every decision. Enjoy the journey!

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