Seren in reception (1)Next up for interrogation was the one and only Seren Deeb. Her roots, like her sister Nyssan are firmly rooted in the Print World. Seren’s introduction to the print industry came about through her father Abrahams Repro Business, Techni Graphoplan. You could say she cut her teeth in Graphoplan like many others before and after her. Graphoplan was very much a family business with all of the sisters and brother playing a vital role at some stage during their early careers.

Seren and Nyssan along with Pierce Ivory were founder members of Gp Digital Print. Read their story here. Seren plays an important role at GP Digital. Mixing it up between Accounts, Customer Service and Production she rarely has a moment to spare. We ambushed Seren to get this interview and we think it was well worth the wait. Have a read of Seren’s interview below and be sure to let us know what you think. Read on.

Name and Position?

Seren Deeb, Director.

How long have you been with Gp digital?

Since the beginning! October 2004

What is your background – what did you do before GP?

I had a background in customer service originally, before joining Graphoplan which was a repro house / prepress company and was our family business. My role there was predominantly front of house, reception & accounts. The company closed down in 04, making way for us to start up GP Digital.

Can you give a quick run through of your daily routine?

My work day starts before I leave the house – a quick check of emails to see what has come in overnight / any urgent emails I’ll reply to. I’m usually first into the office, so armed with a coffee,  I’ll spend half an hour or so going through emails and sending off quotes / replies before I head into production. I look after the small format area so its about setting-up jobs, prioritizing the work queue, printing, finishing, trimming, despatching jobs for delivery. I’d monitor my email throughout the day aswell as taking client calls. Lunch is generally at my desk or on the go. A lot of our jobs are needed in a tight deadline, so we’re up against the clock. Before I leave I’d check stock levels against jobs that are due in to make sure we don’t run out of materials for the following day. Then it’s a quick tidy up and home.

What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy dealing with our customers – we have a lot of creative customers who are looking to get the best quality print and are often under pressurized deadlines. They know when they come to us that they will get a great service and can trust us to deliver.

What aspect of your job do you dislike the most?

If a piece of machinery breaks down it can add to the pressure – our client never gets to hear about it though!

How important do you see your role within the company? Is it evolving?

Absolutely, its constantly evolving. I’m a lot more involved in production now than I was at the start. It means that I’m more informed and able to advise our clients in all aspects of the job as I’m so hands on.

What keeps you motivated?

Talking to our customers – I always like to know what our jobs are being used for. Is it an exclusive invite for a high-end event? Is it a menu to launch a new restaurant? Our clients love what they do and this inspires me to ensure they get the best quality product.

What do you see as the most challenging aspect of your job?

I’d have to say working with family can at times be…. interesting! I’m proud to be working alongside my sisters, especially as we’ve all still surviving 10 years in!

 What do you see as the most challenging aspect within the Print Industry?

How has the industry changed in your lifetime in print? Wow, its almost unrecognisable. When we started, one of our printing presses was the size of a bus. Now we can get an outstanding quality print from something no bigger than your desk. We used to get artwork sent to us by disk in the post – ha! The speed in which we can produce a job now, still shocks some of our customers.

How do you see GP digital progressing over the next 10 years? 

Because the print industry has changed so much, as a result so have we. I see GP Digital broadening its services in the future to offer a wider range of digital services, not just print.

How do you manage to keep a balance between your work and personal life?

Have lots of hobbies! Also its good to have friends who are not involved in the print trade so I can switch off when I need to.

Do you find it difficult to switch off when you leave the office?

With mobile technology, it can be tricky…..Checking emails can become compulsive, so it helps to have hobbies / exercise to stop me tapping on my phone!

What is the most important thing to you regarding GP Digital? 

That it continues to grow and evolve and is here for a long time to come.

How important is print media within the communications sector, in your opinion? Why? 

Print has had to fight for its place in the communications sector – for a long time it was running the show, then came radio, television and now digital technology is the coolest kid in town and the one everyone wants to play with. Although, print has taken a fair bashing along the way, it has stood its ground. It has evolved – that’s great you can take a picture on your mobile phone, now, email it to us in GP Digital Print and we’ll turn it into wallpaper or a canvas. We’ll print.

Like Nyssan, Seren is a positive thinker. She considers GP Digital to be more than just a Business. Its very much integrated with her own personal life. Seren manages this integration with a balance that allows her to enjoy the other things that are important to her.