by Pierce Ivory
According to a highly acclaimed online dictionary A sign represents something—an idea, an experience, a feeling, an object. All of these are true when it comes to printed Signage.

Printed-signage-is-important-for-your-businessYour corporate Signage should represent your business in the best light possible. For instance if your outdoor signage hangs over your business premises it should clearly state what you do in an unambiguous way leaving no room for misinterpretation. Gp Digital don’t just offer you a printed sign we offer you a printed identity, a visual communication solution that fits your companies personality and budget. Your sign directs customers in an offline and physical world to your door.


Printed banners offer you an opportunity to target prospective customers in the most cost effective way. Whether it is indoor or outdoor signage you require for a particular project the result will still be of the highest quality. If your intention is to generate brand awareness, product or event promotion, a professionally printed colourful banner will make an instant impact and generate a buzz. Pop up display banners are a excellent product that commands an instant impact. Banners are durable and are a great way to get noticed outdoors and from a distance.

Building Signs

Signage inside and outside your business premises can fall into many categories. Directional signs are very important example of building signage. They can be freestanding, on the floor or wall mounted. They are an essential in communicating information to staff or customers, clients or patrons. Ikea Ireland are a prime example of effective informative directional signage guiding shoppers effieciently through their vast Dublin store. Museums, Galleries, Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Corporate Businesses, Conference Centres are all examples of establishments that avail of printed signage to give their customers, clients or patrons a better user experience when they visit their premises.

Vinyl Lettering & Floor Vinyls

Lettering can be placed where your customers least expect it making a huge and memorable impact. Vinyl lettering can work in conjuction with other print material adding positively to the overall customer experience. Your message can be literally spelt out and placed on a wall, glass, a door or almost anywhere there is a surface for it to adhere to. On the other hand Floor Vinyls can have a disruptive impact enticing customers to buy a particular product or veer them towards a certain section of your business.

The Importance of Signage

Signage can be your beacon communicating information to the public. They communicate 24/7 to potential customers. On-premises signage is extremely cost effective and effeciently repeats your brand’s message over and over again. People read signs and people look out for signs, thats a fact. Printed signage is as important to your business as your online presence is. In an offline and physical world away from online channels your signage is simply the URL that directs and invites your customers to your business.