Sport in Ireland is as important to us as the air we breathe. Lately, especially now in October we are excelling in almost everything we do under the umbrella of sport. Take a look at the Rugby World Cup. We have sailed through to the quarterfinals after our latest victory over France. Argentina stand between us and the World Cup Semifinals. The Soccer team ambushed the current World Champions Germany last week, but celebrations were cut short in Warsaw a few days later. Qualification for the Euros is still in our own hands with 2 games left to play.

Why am I talking about sport on a Print Blog, you may ask? It’s simple really. I’m a big fan of the underdog, small nations who box above their weight. Take this concept and bring it into the Print World and what do you get. You get the notion that sometimes it’s the smaller things that have the biggest impact in our lives. In the print world where disruption is key to turning heads, do we always need to focus on the larger print formats? Small format printing is in every way as important today as its larger counterpart is. Small format printing is where we make impressions on a personal level. It’s the little details that leave long-lasting memories, it reminds people of our Brands. We carry print around with us all the time. Check you wallet right now, count your business card collection, count your credit and debit cards. Look at the label that’s still pinned to your new jeans or dress. It’s all print, yet these items would look odd without print, they’d feel empty. The point is, although you may feel that print needs to be big, loud and proud; you’re probably wrong. It’s the smaller products that make the world turn.

In the business world, we rely on print. In order to be successful in a B2B environment, print marketing must be a considerable part of any business strategy. The stalwarts of such strategies are printed brochures, reports, bound business documents, business cards, corporate stationery and so much more. These ‘old reliables’ have worked for decades without fail and all fall under the gamut of small format printing. The Internet has to a certain degree forced the Print Industry to rethink its strategies and return with a more creative and intuitive eye. It’s the smaller print that’s in demand these days, its the smaller print items that have the biggest impact on business.

Take the hi-tech events of today. Each and every one of them produces tonnes of print material to be taken away by would-be prospects. Your Take Home Goody Bag would look empty without the small printed materials that usually constitute the bag’s main filler. The most important aspect of these events is getting attendees to remember your brand. Digital Media doesn’t have a long lasting effect. Print, on the other hand, is tangible, it can be put away and taken back out. Its evergreen.

This Weekend in the Millennium Stadium, we’ll cheer on the boys in green, we’ll sing out loud ‘Ireland’s Call’ like always. This time, stop for one moment and listen. You’ll notice how big we sound, remember how small we are?

Learn How Your Brand Can Look Big in Small Print.