Hand holding a Social Media 3d SphereGp  Digital – Your Social Printer

After a really successful website relaunch and plenty of new traffic to www.gpdigital.ie we just can’t stop talking. We have so much to tell you and so much to talk about! Over the next few weeks, months and years you are going to see a lot more of GP Digital. We’ll be popping up in all sorts of locations online. We are going to talk to you from our many online channels so that you and all our customers won’t miss out on any of our special offers or great news.

The Hub

Our Blog (which you are reading right now) is our hub for information, informing you of the latest digital printing trends, the latest news at Gp Digital and of course some priceless tips including How to and How not to do things. This is the Gospel according to GP Digital. Our blog will be updated every week with fresh and informative super information. Please feel free to comment, share or even make suggestions about future posts. Tell us what you want us to talk about, join the conversation!

Sharing the Conversation

Our facebook page is going to show off our mostly ‘fun’ and ‘sometimes’ serious personality. We’re going to show you the visual side of Gp Digital (great samples of our work) as well as the humorous (will try really hard to make you laugh). We are building an ever increasing band of followers – the Gp ‘Likers’. They are a scary bunch not to be messed with! We intend to feed you with great content several times per week. The next milestone for Gp Digital on Facebook is to reach the great dizzy heights of 500 ‘Likers’. Once we meet each milestone we will be celebrating with great giveaways. Don’t forget you must ‘Like’ us to avail of these offers!

Down to Business

Our Linkedin page is where all the serious business happens, there will be no messing here!. On Linkedin you will find our product shots, descriptions of our services and our contact details. We will post updates and share excellent content with you all. This is a very new business page so we would be really grateful if you shared amongst your peers and of course followed us.

Short and Sweet

Twitter will be our micro blogging platform and that’s where the golden nuggets, the particles of wisdom will flow freely from. Twitter is where all the real time events will be broadcast as Tweets. Up to date news and some really fascinating mouth watering facts for you to Retweet. There will be #hashtags galore, we may even have our own dedicated ones like #gpdigitalfridays, #gpdigitaloffers and much more. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter and be sure to Retweet, Mention and Favorite our fantastic and awe inspiring words.

What about Instagram and Pinterest ?

We knew you would bring this up. Instagram and Pinterest aren’t of any less importance to us. The fact is that we have been so busy with the other great channels and not to forget all the fantastic printing we have done for you, we just haven’t had the time yet. Hold on a minute, wait for it! We’ll have Instagram and Pinterest up and running by late October. We will use Pinterset as a platform for collecting and organizing the things we  love. This is where we will showcase all of our beautifully printed products. We will be sharing some stunning images with you on Instagram that will please the eye.

Last but not least

How can we forget Google’s own Google plus. This is almost ready to go live. We will be sharing more of our great content here, creating circles you can join and participate in. We will be offering advice and tips on print requirements and much much more. We will put you in touch with designers and other professionals through our circles or groups.

Socially Yours

Feel free to come and join us on any of our social channels. We are here for you and anything you wanted to know about print will be answered. Just shout! Contact us through any of our channels regarding your print requirements and remember, join the conversation!