In technical terms, Summer is almost with us. The rain isn’t as frequent as before, the temperatures are  rising and there’s that grand stretch in the evenings, that we love to talk about. Like any transitional period in any aspect of our lives, we must always be at the ready.

Be Ready

If we adopt this concept of ‘always at the ready’ into our daily business strategy, we give ourselves the ability to tackle the unexpected as well as the expected with confidence through good preparation. For too many years the Irish Economy has suffered from uncertainty. This uncertainty broke business confidence across many sectors. The print industry acts as a great economic barometer, echoing the movement of traditional marketing spend across all industries. When our businesses are doing well we print more. It’s as simple as that.

Boom or Bust

During the property boom not so long ago, the housing market relied heavily on print marketing. High-quality brochures were waiting in every showhouse. Signage was everywhere. Estate agents had an endless supply of brochures, leaflets, documents and printed maps at the ready. We consumed this print at an exponential rate, we craved the smell of ink. When the bubble burst, it had an adverse effect on all industries including the Print Industry. Many Print companies disappeared overnight, companies that were trading for generations shut their doors and ceased trading.

Change is Good

Many companies dug in and reinvented themselves, those who changed direction were ultimately ready. Those companies who survived are now beginning to flourish today. These companies endured the recession because they saw the need to change their business strategy. They understood that a business strategy cannot be rigid, it must be flexible. Gp Digital, a Dublin-based digital print company saw the need for change. They went to their customers and general print consumers and asked what their requirements were. The response was enlightening. A new direction with exciting new products was born.

Print Foundations

Print, like everything else evolves. Innovative print concepts must match consumers ever changing needs and requirements. Creativity is now the driver of success. When Gp Digital asked questions of their customers, they listened, they created and delivered. Gp Digital were ready to present reinvention to the masses. The smaller print companies rose from the ashes of a smoldering economy and offered an alternative to what was already being offered. They prepared well and built a new foundation on which a more robust print industry now sits.

Print is King

The Summer is almost here and the demand for print has not decreased. In actual fact, it’s increasing. Although the online and digital landscape integrates with our lives, print still holds the upper hand. Its tangibility and its greener impact on the environment satisfy the needs of modern living, suiting both the conservationist and drivers of business. Make sure your business is print ready this Summer as even the warmest days will burn you.

The Print Industry