Now that the‘grand stretch in the evening’ is starting to contract its time to reflect as mid summers marker has been reached. Beside reaching the mid way point the weather has only started to behave itself lately. There’s been obvious signs around town that Summer has finally made its long awaited appearance. It has been particularly shy this year.

With the season that’s in it and the industry that we are in (Print if you don’t already know) we expect the traditional lull to kick in. Summer has always been the quieter of the four seasons and we possibly take this for granted.

The truth of the matter is we shouldn’t except this as the rule. Production may ease off during this time but that isn’t to say that sales and marketing engagement should drop off also. On the contrary we need to use this time to reinforce our brand as a trusted and respected force. Way too often do we make excuses for lack of business at this time of year.

As print suppliers it is critical to devise a strategy that sits over our existing sales and marketing plans. A good strategy is interchangeable, it allows  for diversity. Communication between Sales, Marketing and Department Managers is essential. Sales and Marketing  departments sometimes shy away from each other but the reality is that one can’t live without the other.

During the Summer months and throughout the year the sales team needs to know and understand marketing strategies. The relationship between the two is popularly known as ‘Smarketing’. I guess this new buzzword was born in the USA. These powerhouses of business don’t necessarily solely belong in large corporations. Sales and Marketing is needed in the smallest of businesses in order to survive.

Once Sales and Marketing have ironed out a coherent strategy for those quieter months, implementation is key. Never stand still, look back but don’t dwell. The past is where we gathered our experience, we learned our trade. Experience enables us to walk into the future with confidence. Experience teaches us where we went wrong and how we can be better.

The print industry is in remission. Many print companies were culled by a silent assassin we called the recession. Those of us who survived this culling through sheer determination, good planning, intuitive strategies now carry the flag into the a bright future for the industry. Print looks safe for now but only on the back of what we mentioned earlier – diverse strategies.

Its time to embrace Summer and discover the opportunities it produces. Using print marketing is a stellar strategy that will generate business. Its tried and tested and will yield results. Don’t listen to what others tell you, the business is there. Do everything in your power to go out and find it!