New Year In The Print Industry

We are now one month into the New Year and Businesses throughout the country are beginning to settle down and glance forward. What a Year 2015 presented us with. It filled us with a new hope that we hadn’t witnessed in some time. The green shoots of recovery that we once heard of about are now starting to blossom right in front of our eyes.

2016 in some respects has started off on a sad note with so many influential icons of entertainment passing away. David Bowie, Glenn Frey and Alan Rickman being the most notable (and now just hearing our own Terry Wogan has departed the airways). These people changed the landscape of the music and film industries in their own right. For me and for many people of my generation, they inspired us, they shaped our growth and directed our opinions. The legacy they left behind is quite simple. They changed the way that we viewed the world. They made a difference.

For us as people, we naturally want to be successful in all we do. To do this, we must alter our views constantly, keeping up with an ever-changing world. Technology that helps us today may hinder us tomorrow. We just don’t know. Change, these days comes straight for us at lightening speed. Those people and businesses who demand success will always be prepared for this change.

Like David Bowie, we must strive as businesses, to make that difference. We need to be ambassadors to our own brands, we need to turn heads, cause a stir, even a commotion. The importance of making a difference, in a business sense, is to become the consumer’s natural product or brand of choice. Many companies fail to achieve this because they try to replicate other brands in their niche, forgetting their own purpose and identity along the way. David Bowie never forgot his own identity, he evolved around his own core values and beliefs.

Businesses alike must evolve around clear and strong core values. They must never lose sight of their reason for being in business in the first place. At Gp Digital, we listen to our customers. We listen to our customers and hear so much talk about change and the need for diversity of product range and services. We listen, research, implement and test. When the customer is happy, only then are we on the way to becoming the natural brand of choice. This is important to us.

Building a relationship of trust with you is our end goal. Without trust in our brand, we are no different to any other Print Supplier. What makes us different is not just about the products we produce, it’s not just our great price range or the fast turnaround we provide you with. It’s all about the trust that customers have in us. Trust is our most valuable asset, it is also yours. With trust comes recommendations and repeat business. This is essential. Trust allows you to become the natural brand of choice.

Take the humble Business card for example. It’s a visual representation of your company. It needs to represent you in your absence. Your brand must shout out from a very small piece of real estate, a 90mm x 50mm piece of card to be precise. It ain’t that easy, you need help. Our print consultation will always give you piece of mind that any product produced by us will bring your brand to the forefront. We make the print buying process an easy and transparent one. We help each other. We give you our undivided attention so that you can prosper. All we ask for is you trust.