by Pierce Ivory

Print-companies-can-innovate-when-competition-is-healthyAny Print company worth it’s salt will tell you that competition is good for business. It is also good for the customer.

Understanding the value of competition is crucial. Consumer choice is what keeps the economy’s cogs turning. Every business in Ireland, large or small is a cog within the giant mechanism of a slowly recovering economy in remission. Each rotation of those cogs can yield profit for those businesses that make a difference.

Its those differences that make or break us. In the print Industry over the past 6-7 years companies have suffered. Firms that have lasted generations have simply disappeared. They have supplied communities with well waged jobs for decades. They have supported local community and injected much needed revenue through employment and sponsorship initiatives.

Coming back to the statement – Understanding the value of competition, is crucial! Is it? Well let us take a look at this, evaluate and try put some reasoning into our answer. GP Digital are close to celebrating 10 years in the Print Industry. That’s some achievement in this grueling print environment. Our business growth and also contraction has simply mimicked the Irish economy. Our presses are still producing quality work within budget for our clients. Our goals and objectives remain the same, its the path we take to achieve them that’s continually changing, always evolving.


Its well known amongst successful entrepreneurs that healthy competition in business leads to innovation. If you are the only player in your field it is easy to stagnate. There is no one else to compare yourself to, no yardstick, no barometer. If the market is producing too much noise with everyone shouting the same lines over and over again you’ll eventually go deaf. When the competition is at a healthy level it encourages change which in turn leads to innovative ideas that can promote you to being an Industry leading brand or service. Embrace it!

Customer Service

With competition comes customers. If you are offering the same product as the guy down the road you must have an angle. You must offer something that exceeds the competition’s product or service. You are competing for the same customers, fishing from the same pool. Improving your customer service can develop loyal advocates of your brand. Our customers want to speak with us, see us, laugh with us. They want engagement whether it be over the phone, in the office or online. They want human connection. Make it better!

Know Your Core Market

Whether you’re a Printer, a Graphic Designer, a Print Buyer or from any other industry the important thing to remember is knowing your audience well. Healthy competition should leave you with no option but to get to know them. This is crucial for survival especially in fragile industries. Learning who your customer is and understanding what they want gives you a competitive edge that really counts. Get to know them!

At GP Digital we have spent months researching all that there is to know about you. We understand what you expect from a modern print company. We have become your partner in many different projects.  We have become your adviser guiding you in the right direction. Competition is great for you. We are privileged that you have chosen us as your Print Supplier. We have chosen to stand above our competition.

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