Nyssan Close-upWow…. And what a year 2014 was. The world of Print can sometimes be a peculiar place.  It can be your best friend on a Monday morning and come Friday afternoon it can be your vilest enemy. But you wouldn’t have it any other way would you?

Change is part of everyday life, its a given, its always going to happen. Whenever we take a walk outside it walks with us, it follows us everywhere. We are faced with diversity at every stage of life’s journey. Its an essential ingredient to our success. We must be careful as to which other ingredients we throw in with ‘change’ as they will indubitably determine the path we choose and the success we achieve.

Change is inevitable and one must always be ready to embrace it with open arms. Those of us who have always been at the ready will welcome 2015  and look back favourably at 2014. The world of Print is an exciting place right now with the light speed advancement of technology and an ever increasing array of print products available to our customers.

We discovered at Gp Digital that having a business strategy that incorporates flexibility is key to maintaining and guiding the business through difficult times in a volatile print industry. This should be an approach adapted by all small businesses. With 10 years of experience accumulated in an often turbulent and competitive battleground we are now ready to take on the world. We have so much to offer on so many new levels.

Print Businesses Run By WomenIn 2014 we made a conscious decision to increase our online presence. You’ve probably seen us somewhere – on your laptop, your smart phone, your tablet and maybe your desktop, we’re there!  Our aim is to add value to the GP Digital brand and that’s important to us. We can now reach you wherever you may be.

After the recent milestone event of 10 Years in Business we look forward to 2015 with great enthusiasm and eagerness. It sure has been a roller coaster ride and we have no intention of getting off anytime soon. There have been some big changes at Gp Digital this year especially with Pierce Ivory moving on and pursuing a career in digital marketing. He now looks after our online presence and makes sure you guys get to hear our news.

We were nominated again this year for the Print Awards but unlike 2011 we were just pipped at the post. A great night was had by all and we wish to congratulate all nominees and winners. As we are now on the verge of another Christmas and New Year its only apt that we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

A sincere thank you for your Business in 2014 and all the other years for that matter. We’ll see you all right back here in 2015 with a smile on your face and the wind in your sails. Sláinte!