by Pierce Ivory

It was 30 years ago that Apple introduced the Macintosh. It’s promise was to bring the power of technology to our fingertips. 30 years later we take a look at how it lived up to that promise and how it transformed graphic design.

The graphic design and printing sectors (Gp Digital Print included) have witnessed a revolution that has left a profound and everlasting effect. Apple’ s promise still resonates today in every keystroke and mouse click we make. Their promise 30 years ago was innovation, pioneering and adaptable design, sleek user interface, intuitive software and above all, the idea that Apple users would stand out from the masses.

Graphic Designers use Apple Macs. Printing at Gp Digital Print.Steve Jobs and┬áSteve Wozniak gave us new options organised into ‘Menus’. Their innovation was the foundation that Apple was built on. The Mac enabled us to click on desktop icons just to launch and run programs. Dragging and dropping files became commonplace in the world of Mac users.

The idea of dragging and dropping files into a virtual desktop Trash Can became a real world metaphor. Apple were on top of their game. They introduced us to a library of fonts and other tools that only professional print houses were privy to. The modern day Graphic Designer emerged with a new and powerful set of tools that would change the world of graphics.