This is a topic we hear of and visit quite regularly and at the same time have much experience of. We are asked quite often ‘Should we employ the services of a graphic designer?’ To put it bluntly the simple answer to this is always a resounding ‘why the hell wouldn’t you?’. At Gp Digital we deal with graphic designers 95% of the time, supplying us with print ready files for print. The other 5% of the time we deal with ‘artwork’ from lets say, non graphic design sources.

Brand Personality

If you are serious about your business and want your brand to stand out from your competitors you need the guidance of a professional. Much of the time Graphic Design is misunderstood. One may think that your brand is too small to warrant the services of a  professional graphic designer. Think again. A well focused graphic designer that is in tune with your brief can create the story of your brand. Visually your brand needs that little something, a nuance that gives it personality especially with so much business competing online these days.

Print is the ultimate platform where a graphic designer can showcase their work. Print is where creative and intuitive design can really come to life. There are so many products that lend themselves to great graphic design. In Ireland we are blessed with many best in class graphic designers.

Below are some of the services Graphic Designers provide –

  • Logos, Branding and Corporate Identity
  • Print Design, including: Posters, Annual Reports, Advertising, Brochures, Catalogs, Direct Mail, Invitations, Newsletters, Magazines, Publications, Books
  • Web Design
  • Illustration
  • Packaging Design
  • Trade Show Graphics
  • Presentations and Interactive Applications using Adobe Flash.

The above list is not a full representation of the entire graphics suite that designers provide. Custom design is always something that can make your brand shine. This is where the great graphic designers earn their reputation. Its where they earn you ‘eyeballs’. When design is at its most creative and focusing on your brand successfully it shows that the designer has listened. A focused communication should always exist between client and designer from the Get Go of any projects.

Design Goals

The goals should be outlined from the beginning as accurately as possible. Defining the intended audience and brand message are of upmost importance at this stage. The graphic designer will be able to communicate your brands message in a focused way. Its not always about whats’pretty’ but very much about what actually works for you and brand.

Never Cut Corners

Never cut corners when it comes to graphic design and I would go as far as saying the same about print. Both disciplines are very much symbiotically intertwined. They complement one another and rely on one another. As printers we understand the importance of brand. We see it in beautiful designs everyday. 95% of our customers use graphic design services for a reason. Don’t ask why you should use graphic design but simply ask why your brand can’t survive without it.