color-emotionLets face it, we take colour for granted. Its everywhere. It has no borders. Its creator is physics, its reason is beauty, its result is powerful (in the most natural of senses). It is one of the major forces that drives our creativity. We as printers, graphic designers and many other related industry creatives rely on colour and the message it can represent.

It represents strength and personality. Colour can be attributed to our own evolution, its the result of an ever changing creative landscape. Colours are the essential building blocks of imaginative worlds built on a foundation of black and white simplicity.

Print is marketing and colour is one of the vehicles that drive our message to new and existing audiences. Colour is psychology and can be a very persuasive method that invokes many different conversations. As printers and graphic designers colour is our weapon.

It destroys the bland and converts the ordinary to something extraordinary and meaningful. Colour is the translation of our imagination to paper. Colour is an outcome born of process, an outcome that can’t be described by words. It must be seen.

Colour gives us the platform to reveal our personality especially when it comes to showing off our brand in any print media. Understanding colour and how it effects the way we feel is imperative for any business to achieve success.

The psychology of colour is extremely important when it comes to brand marketing. As graphic designers well know – It’s the feeling, the mood, and image that your brand creates that will play a huge role in persuasion. Colour will only work well for a brand when they match the desired personality. Look at Apple’s use of white: simple, clean and instantly recognisable.

Certain colours do well in print and in life to be honest. As a background colour yellow for example can portray a fresh and vibrant feel to any publication or setting. We have collated some very interesting facts below –

Facts about Yellow

Many brands have adopted the colour yellow into their logo (or its close relation gold) with great outcomes. Some of the more famous adopters are McDonalds, Ferrari, Shell, Renault, Yellow Pages, Ikea and so many more. These brands really know what they want to say. Happiness is the underlying tone here!

In a recent study called Impact of Color in Marketing, researchers discovered that up to 90% of early decisions made about products are usually based on color alone. What does this mean for us as small business? To tell you the truth making decisions about colour and brand shouldn’t be taken lightly. As you can see from the colour emotion guide above its important to get it right.

The personality of your brand needs to portray an emotion just like a person does. Graphic Designers know this. So the next time you pick up a magazine, a newspaper, a book, a flyer or leaflet – spare a little thought for the colour and what it is really trying to say to you. Don’t just read the words, understand the colour.