by Pierce Ivory
Is there anything as precious as your child’s first steps, their first beaming smile or even their first day at school. Precious moments are all about firsts, celebrations, coming of age and time with your family. We are surrounded by moments that are just waiting to be captured.

Capture-a-moment-with-a-smart-phoneNow in the age of digital, our smart phones are never more than 12 inches away from our reach at any given time. We never stop taking photos, uploading them to Facebook or whatever social media platform is the flavour of the day. We just can’t stop. Everything we do has become a moment worthy of capturing digitally (in our own minds anyway).

This is all well and good BUT the problem I see is what becomes of those photos after their initial Social Media exposure. Well if I’m anything to go by they’ll sit somewhere on your smart phone, computer or storage device gathering digital dust. Lately we’ve been using the ‘Cloud‘ as a storage space. They probably won’t surface again until you are running out of space on your device or you need to update your storage plan. That’s usually the moment big decisions need to be made. To Delete or not to Delete, that is the question. Its a modern day dilemma that greets us all at some stage. Sometimes we delete with a guilty touch of the screen because we have no space left to take a selfie of ourselves and the Cat wearing matching hats (it does happen, well me anyway).

Don’t let storage in the digital world be an issue when it comes to embracing those precious moments that sometimes only come once in a life time. The solution is canvas! Capture those moments on Canvas. It even sounds great, doesn’t it? Canvas prints are stunning to say the least especially if the moment it holds is worth remembering. There’s something special about the texture of canvas, the chunky wooden frame it is stretched over, the hand made finish. It appeals to us in a way that no digital photo can. It feels and looks natural in any given light and any

Canvas prints often become a conversation. They can stir memories and reinforce our existence. They can be the focal point in any room enticing the eye into a gaze. A feature wall can be finished off nicely with your moments, your photos on canvas. These photo prints offer longevity keeping your memories with you always. With light-fast inks, fading images will not be an issue anymore (well not for 100 years at least). Our canvas material is crack resistant and durable. Our frames our made from Irish trees which are constantly replenished with new forestry. The canvas printing, stretching and framing process couldn’t be greener. Its the natural way to showcase your precious moments.

If you have precious memories stored on a digital device why not set them free. Capture Your Moments on Canvas. Now there’s a thought!

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