We all know how important Graphic Designers are to Print Industry. We can’t live without them and fortunately for Gp Digital, they can’t live without us. We wanted to give back a little something in appreciation of all those awesome Graphic Designers we have had the privilege to working with over the last 10 years.

We have searched the web and came up with a few cool videos that truly showcase the art of design. Take a look at the first of our series of Videos that hopefully will give you some insight into the world of design and of course Print. Be sure to bookmark this page and browse these short films at your leisure.

The Fundamental Elements of Design from Erica Gorochow

Design Starts Here from Echoic : Music and Sound Design

Graphic design can change your life from Edenspiekermann

What a graphic designer does from Design Council

Video is a great way to educate oneself and share the knowledge. Its a powerful media that can remain relevant and easily accessible for a very long time. Keep a look out next month for more videos as we take a look at the power of print and how it can help your brand.